What Do You Want To Happen?  

  • Choose an ideal career that fits you well?
  • Understand how to leverage your transferable skills when changing careers?
  • Find and connect with the best job opportunities both online and through your network?
  • Create powerful resumes, cover letters, and social media profiles that get noticed by hiring managers?
  • Perform confidently at employment interviews?
  • Position yourself for a promotion or the next level in your career?
  • Negotiate job offers and compensation packages without leaving money on the table?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, I can help!

I’m Joellyn Schwerdlin, The Career Success Coach. As a Triple Certified Career Coach, with 20+ years of experience, gained through my private practice and within a corporate reemployment solutions firm, plus “real world” work experience in a variety of settings, I’ve masterfully and magically coached countless clients in achieving sustainable and satisfying careers that easily support their families and fund their lifestyles. 

You see, I truly believe that executives, professionals, and managers can have fulfilling, financially-rewarding, and long-lasting careers. That is why I teach them how to choose careers that will fire them up, without burning them out, so that they can “go the distance,” while providing ongoing value to their employers, coworkers, supervisors, vendors, and clients.

My private career coaching programs offer the most complete and thorough preparation for smart, ambitious men and women, who are motivated to have careers that maximize their talents in a meaningful way; and want my unique brand of career coaching expertise to quickly up-level their income and career satisfaction.

Essentially, there are TWO core outcomes of my career coaching programs: 

1) Discover exactly what your ideal career position is (or confirm that you’re in the right career) which combines your talents and skills in a way that’s satisfying and financially rewarding for you.

2) Implement a multi-tiered job search campaign, with a resume and social media profile that truly represents your skills, talents, and accomplishments, to bring you more interviews leading to job offers in six months or less. 

Interested? Let’s get started with a Private Career Breakthrough Consultation,  so I can learn more about your situation; then we can explore together, which program is right for you. Click here to request your private Career Breakthrough Consultation.  

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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