Do you ever wonder why some job seekers appear to be luckier than others? You know, people who always seem to have a constant flow of leads, interviews, and connections that come their way?

The good news is that you can be one of those lucky people. You’ll find the answers in this step-by-step guide: The Luck Factor: How to Increase Luck in Your Life-The Four Essential Principles, written by Dr. Richard Wiseman, British psychologist and magician.

From three years of research, which included 400+ volunteers (ranging from “lucky” to “unlucky” people), Dr. Wiseman dispels myths of luck and has determined that luck is not a magical ability or something people are born with. Instead, luck is a way of thinking and believing, which people can learn and practice to create more good fortune in their lives.

In his book, Dr. Wiseman summarizes four essential principles which lucky people have in common:

1) They create, notice, and act upon chance opportunities in their lives. They are more extroverted, build and maintain a strong “network of luck,” have a relaxed attitude toward life, and are open to new experiences.

2) They make successful decisions by using their intuition and gut feelings. In turn, they listen to and trust their gut feelings and hunches, and take daily steps to boost their intuition, whether through meditation or other solitary activities.

3) They expect good luck to continue, happily anticipate that their goals and dreams will come true, and strive to reach them, sometimes amidst slim odds. They keep going, despite failures and setbacks. They also expect their interactions with people to be lucky and successful.

4) They can transform their bad luck into good fortune by seeing the positive side of bad luck, believing ill fortune will work out for the best in the long run, and taking steps to prevent bad luck in the future.

Dr. Wiseman’s engaging, down-to-earth style literally takes you by the hand, in his quest to help you become a luckier person, overall. In the introductory chapter, he asks you to take a brief Luck Profile questionnaire that you’ll refer to as you progress through the book.

One chapter is devoted to each of the four principles of luck (stated above), each of which has three sub-principles. As you read through these chapters, you’ll be asked to complete other simple exercises and questionnaires which Dr. Wiseman used with his research participants.

Your cumulative scores on the exercises will help you determine where you fall on the luck scale: lucky, neutral or unlucky. You’ll also be given simple exercises to help boost your luck score in any one of the four principles.

To get the most from this book, Dr. Wiseman suggests writing your questionnaire responses in a Luck Journal, where you’ll also track your observations about luck for 30 days. He calls this process “Luck School” and cites case studies of Luck School graduates who have significantly boosted their luck by diligently practicing the principles and doing the exercises.

If your job search could use a little more luck, purchase The Luck Factor from, read it straight through, do the exercises, put the principles into practice…and watch for results!To learn more about Dr. Wiseman, his research and other books he’s written, visit his website.

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