In 2007, the Law of Attraction received lots of media hype with the book and DVD, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Even before The Secret, other spiritual teachers wrote about the Law of Attraction, including Esther and Jerry Hicks, authors of Ask and it is Given the late Lynn Grabhorn, author of Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, and Law of Attraction, by Michael Losier.

I’ve studied and practiced Law of Attraction since 2000 and I can say that it works! When you use Law of Attraction principles correctly and strategically, you’ll get whatever your heart desires.

Here are five basic Law of Attraction principles that will help you understand what it is and how to use it, followed by one example of how I’ve made it work in my life.

Principle #1: Understand sympathetic vibrations – like attracts like. Did you know that if two “Middle C” tuning forks are laying side-by-side and you hit one of them, the other one will vibrate by itself? Like musical notes, everything in the Universe vibrates. When something is vibrating, it will attract whatever is on the same wavelength. As human beings, we vibrate our feelings, which are fueled by what we think about. When we think about something bad, we feel bad; when we think happy thoughts, we feel good! Those “feeling” vibrations attract “same wavelength” vibrations by deliberation or default.

Principle #2: Raise your vibrations – the importance of “feeling good.” There are only two types of feelings – good and bad. Have you ever noticed that when you wake up in a bad mood, your day seems to spiral downward? You sleep through your alarm, stub your toe, tear a button on your shirt, arrive late to work and get yelled at by your boss. The Law of Attraction responds to your negative emotions (low vibrations) by bringing you more negative situations. But when you awake feeling good, you’ll find that more good things will happen, such as landing an account, receiving money in the mail or claiming a prime parking spot on a crowded street.

Principle #3: Change your mood – you have the power. If you find yourself in a “funk,” you can simply switch your thoughts to something that makes you smile, like your pet, your children, your grandchildren or your favorite dessert (for me that’s anything with chocolate in it). Just thinking about these things will raise your vibrations and help you feel better. Keep the feeling going for 16 seconds — the Law of Attraction says this equals 10 hours of work!

Principle #4: Follow this four-step process toward “deliberate creation”: 1) Identify what you don’t want; 2) Get clear about what you do want; 3) Feel what it would be like to have those things; 4) Allow the Universe to bring those things to you.

Principle #5: Allow the Law of Attraction to work – the absence of doubt. Allow (without the slightest doubt) the Law of Attraction to bring you what you want. If you have any doubt that what you want will manifest, this will delay the Law of Attraction from bringing it to you.

Now, here’s how the Law of Attraction worked for me. I decided I was going to get married again, before I turned 55. On 12-21-00, I wrote down 10 things that I wanted in my next relationship. (I already knew what I didn’t want).

In July ’02, I met Howard — my “husband to be”– and we got married in July ’03. Thankfully, he has most of the qualities I asked for; he even tolerates cats, for my sake . I also beat my target goal by five years.

There’s a learning curve with implementing these simple, yet not always easy principles of the Law of Attraction. Remember that practice makes perfect! The more you practice, the more you will get what you want from life.

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*This post originally appeared in the June 2012 Edition of Career E-News.