Are You an Executive, Manager, or Professional in Career Transition? Here’s How to Find an Ideal Career Position – In Record Time

You’re finally ready to make a job or career change — but you don’t know what that change looks like or what your next steps should be. Perhaps you’re burned out with your job…or there’s no room for advancement in your company. Maybe your company’s culture has changed because of a recent acquisition, merger or restructuring…or you’ve heard rumors of layoffs and fear that you could be next…or the axe has already fallen and you’re unemployed and frustrated with your job search progress. You want to be happily employed again…if only you knew how to make that happen!

Finding a new career is within your reach. Picture yourself in a new position, doing the work you enjoy, in a great company where you are well-paid for what you do. Many people just like you have found a new job or career or even started their own business, and are happier than in the situations they left behind because they were open to new possibilities and ways of thinking.

A satisfying career requires careful planning – beyond asking your network about job openings and vacancies, contacting recruiters to see what’s “out there,” completing online job applications, and posting resumes on job boards – and waiting for responses that don’t come quickly enough.

A new career is possible for you if you start now! But if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same results. It’s time to consider working with an experienced career coach who can guide you through this transition phase, to help you turn around your situation faster than you ever thought possible.  Learn more here! 

But you might be asking: “Why do I need a career coach?” My answer is this: with the competitiveness of today’s job market it’s important to have a mentor on your side, to help you present your best professional self to hiring managers, to increase your chances landing that ideal career position you long for.  Click here for more information.  

I look forward to connecting soon!  

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